About us

Yume Editions is the editorial trademark of the Itsuo Tsuda Endowment Fund which aims at promoting Itsuo Tsuda's (1914-1984) philosophical work.

Itsuo Tsuda wrote nine books in French which were published by Le Courrier du Livre – Éditions Tredaniel. His philosophical thought gathers the West and the East, rooting especially in teachings gathered from masters such as Haruchika Noguchi, Morihei Ueshiba, Marcel Mauss and Marcel Granet. Starting from such miscellaneous sources, Ituso Tsuda meets a challenge by suggesting to consider human being beyond time, location and tradition: human being as such, unveiled. It is a philosophical thought which contributes to human evolution.

Yume Editions aims at promoting Itsuo Tsuda's work in every possible language and is urged forward by a desire to disclose this very important work.

All book managing and creating is volunteer.


Its aims:

Supporting and conducting, on a non-profit basis, any cultural activity of general interest aimed at preserving, taking care of, promoting and disseminating the philosophical work of Itsuo Tsuda (1914–1984).

For that purpose, especially undertaking, conducting, coordinating and participating in works, studies and researches devoted to his work:

  • disseminating his literary work;

  • preserving and disseminating of photo & video archives;

  • acquiring, preserving and disseminating of his calligraphic work.

Its structure:

The Itsuo Tsuda Endowment Fund is governed by French law of economy modernization of August 4th 2008.

The Itsuo Tsuda Endowment Fund is a philanthropic-aimed organisation that meets almost all rights and obligations of a foundation recognized as serving the public interest.

The Itsuo Tsuda Endowment Fund is a non-profit organisation and, as such, is commercially tax-exempt (VTA, corporate tax...). Its management is controlled every year by an external auditor.